The Lunar Newton is our strongest, stiffest, high-performance dirt jump frame designed for extreme riding.

Newton is a lunar crater located near the south limb of the Moon. Because of its location, the crater appears highly oblong due to foreshortening. It is considered the deepest crater on the near side of the Moon.


Designed for strength and stiffness, this 26" frame is intended for aggressive or heavy riders. The large tubes, clean lines, and gradual curves give the frame an industrial yet attractive look. 


The over-sized 1.75" (44.5mm) down tube and 1.50" (38.1mm) top tube are made from 214,000 PSI  True Temper SuperTherm tubing for superior strength and durability.


The rear triangle is constructed from custom-formed large diameter 1.00" (25mm) tubes. The super stiff rear end will not flex under power.


Lots of tire clearance to support up to 2.8" wide tires The chainstay length is 15.0" slammed.


The 22.2" top tube length (23.125" effective) gives plenty of cockpit space for large riders.


The large diameter chainstays, deep pocketed drop-out shells, and formed yoke plates combine to provide a stiff connection between the hub and bottom bracket.


The custom machined 1-1/8" headtube features thick walls for extra strength . The center section is internally machined to reduce weight.


Every frame is precision TIG welded. Down tube is formed with custom dies to mate with the head tube.


The inside bore of the over-sized 1.375" (35mm) seat tube is lapped after welding for a precise fit . Seat post size is 31.6mm.


The fine lapped surface finish allows the seat post to glide effortlessly during adjustments with the integral seat post clamp.


The seat tube features a 2-piece construction. The thick-walled upper section provides extra strength for the seat post and a strong junction for welding the seat stay and top tubes.


Custom chainstay yoke provides lots of tire and chain ring clearance. The standard MTB bottom bracket  is 1.37" x 68mm wide.
The heavy-duty yoke plates are laser-cut, taper milled, and formed to blend into the custom formed and tapered chainstays.


Yoke plates wrap around the bottom bracket shell for extra welding surface area.


The yoke plates are supported by an integral laser-cut gusset.


The formed yoke plates and gusset combine to provide an extra stiff and strong connection to the bottom bracket.


The deep, compact drop-out shells provide an extremely stiff connection to the wheel hub.


The slotted drop-outs except 10mm x 135mm bolt-on hubs and provide up to 0.75" adjustment.


The ISO disc brake tabs are compact and tie into the formed 1.00" (25mm) seatstays for stiffness.


The complete frame weighs in at 5.8lb (2643 grams)


Frame specifications:

  • Wheel size 26"

  • Head angle 70 degree

  • Seat angle 71 degree

  • Top tube 22.2" (23.125" effective)

  • Seat tube 12.50"

  • Chainstay 15.0" min.

  • Bottom bracket height 12.75" (26.5" tire)

  • Headset size 1.125"

  • Head tube length 4.50"

  • Bottom bracket 1.37" x 68mm

  • Rear Hub 10mm x 135mm

  • Rear disc ISO standard

  • Seat post 31.6mm

  • Weight 5.8lb (2643 grams)

Price $1,200 includes custom powder-coating

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