Bike Cogs and Hub Drivers
Lunar Bikes Quick-Cogs

Quick-Cog Assembly

Introducing The Quick-Cog, a high-performance, quick change, modular cog system for single speeds. Two-piece design allows the cog to be replaced without disassembling the hub cassette making it fast and easy to change gearing. Only a small screwdriver, knife, or just a fingernail is needed to remove the spiral retaining ring.

  • Only 52 grams! (18T cog with driver assembly)
  • Heat-treated aircraft grade stainless-steel cog
  • 7075 aluminum driver with hard anodized finish
  • Available with 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 tooth cogs
Two-piece cog and driver system

2-piece Driver and Cog

The two-piece system consists of the driver and the cog. The mating interface features a precision machined custom involute spline which transfers torque over a large surface area for maximum strength and durability. A significant weight savings is achieved by combining the wide aluminum driver mated to a high-strength stainless steel cog.

Precision cog driver

Aluminum Cog Driver

The cog driver has a extra wide base where it makes contact with the cassette spline. This spreads the load over a wide area of engagement which prevents damage to the cassette compared to thin one-piece cogs. The lightweight driver is precision machined from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and hard anodized to military specifications for long lasting surface protection.

Heat-treated stainless-steel cog

High-strength SS Cog

The cog is made from a proprietary high-strength aircraft grade stainless-steel. We worked closely with a aerospace heat-treating company to develop precise heat-treatment procedures. The result is a virtually indestructible cog with a exceptionally durable surface that resists wear in extreme operating conditions.

Custom tooth profile

Specially Developed Tooth Profile

We created our own custom tooth profile which allows the chain rollers to transition from tooth to tooth with the lowest amount of friction while maintaining uniform contact reducing chain wear. The tooth has the tallest shape you will find on any cog, this keeps the chain tracking straight and prevents chain skipping even when running a fairly loose chain.

Modular Quick-Cog System

Quick-Cog System

Our modular Quick-Cog system consists of one stainless steel cog, one aluminum cog driver, and two stainless steel spiral retaining rings. Order parts separately below.

Quick-Cog Driver Assembly

Quick-Cog Driver Assembly, includes (1) Cog Driver and (2) retaining rings
$55 each

18 Tooth Quick-Cog

18 Tooth Stainless Steel Quick-Cog
$45 each

19 Tooth Quick-Cog

19 Tooth Stainless Steel Quick-Cog
$46 each

20 Tooth Quick-Cog

20 Tooth Stainless Steel Quick-Cog
$48 each

21 Tooth Quick-Cog

21 Tooth Stainless Steel Quick-Cog
$48 each

22 Tooth Quick-Cog

22 Tooth Stainless Steel Quick-Cog
$55 each

23 Tooth Quick-Cog

23 Tooth Stainless Steel Quick-Cog
$58 each

Quick-Cog Retaining Rings

Quick-Cog Retaining Rings, made from stainless steel, set of 2
$8 pair

50mm Spacer Kit for Quick-Cog

Quick-Cog Spacer Kit

Our Spacer Kit includes two matching black anodized aluminum spacers for a clean and simple installation. Designed for two standard chain line sizes.The chain line is measured from the center of the bottom bracket shell to the center of the middle chain ring. Only 11 grams! Machined from heat-treated aluminum and anodized black. Contact us for custom applications.

50mm Quick-Cog Spacer Kit for 50mm chain line, most common with 73mm MTB bottom brackets running 135mm hubs
$24 each

47.5mm Quick-Cog Spacer Kit for 47.5mm chain line, most common with 68mm bottom brackets
$24 each