Custom Bike Hubs
SS-88 Single Speed Hub

SS-88 Single Speed Rear Hub

Introducing the SS-88, a high-performance single speed rear hub. Designed to survive the extreme demands of single speed climbing and trials riding with ease.

Although your first thought is that the large hub must be heavy, that is not the case here! What you don't see are the thin walled inner structures. Unlike one-piece hubs, our modular design allows us to internally machine each part, creating a very strong, stiff and light-weight assembly. And our larger diameter axles are much stiffer than a smaller diameter axle of the same weight.

SS-88 Single Speed Hub

SS-88 Front Hub

Designed to match our Single Speed Rear Hub, the front hub has a fat, burly look that gets noticed on the trails.

These are some of the many hubs we have built over the past 10 years. The SS-88 is our 1st generation hub and is still in service on our test bikes. We are now working on our 4th generation hub that will be ultra lightweight and strong with features never seen on other hubs. So stay tuned! We plan to offer some on a custom basis. But for now we have to keep our designs secret...